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Highly Attractive Macroeconomic and Socioeconomic Trends

Global cross border payments flows are projected to reach US$156 trillion in year 2022 *(Source: How new entrants are redefining cross-border payments | EY – US). We strongly believe that there are significant opportunities in the multi-trillion-dollar cross-border payment industry for Zoompass to carve out a niche as an asset-lite fintech player. Phased introduction of industry vertical specific use case(s) on our Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Platform will be a force multiplier for Zoompass’ Global Business Model.

Executing on our strength

Access to Global Market Opportunity with built in Scalability and Interoperability – will be paved by the multijurisdictional presence in key regions across the globe.

Quick turnaround time to market – Multiple new live deployments in Q1 2022

A proprietary crypto-currency exchange platform – InfyDX™ Estonia is the launching pad for a global Cross-border Hybrid Value Exchange Platform.

Autonomous leadership team based in Canada, India, USA, Estonia and Indonesia creates a robust federated structure focused on delivering a continuous stream of values to active Zoompass users worldwide.

Each project rides on existing digital services infrastructure of Zoompass or expands the Zoompass Global Payment Infrastructure – thus creating long-term values for all Zoompass Stakeholders.