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Ongoing Support

Every Zoompass customer receives launch and implementation support, training, and QA support from the Technical Launch Manager. Post-launch, every customer receives ongoing, 24/7 support from on-call QA Engineers.

Launch Support

Each customer implementation is supported by an Individual Account Manager, Technical Launch Manager, and Support Engineer
Zoompass launch team provides support and customization of front end UI (including cosmetic changes, module alteration, added functionality, changes to data structures, and assistance with third-party integration)
Launch team provides Quality Assurance support and procedures
Account Manager provides marketing and business development support in concert with customer product launch


Technical Launch Manager provides training and materials regarding user management, system management, and Zoompass Remarketer

24/7 Support

Ongoing technical and operational support from QA Engineer

Operators Dashboard

All key exchange operators functions are housed through a single, web-based administrative dashboard.

Key controls handled through this operator UI include:

Accounting/auditing utilities
Fully-configurable fee management ladder
Manager tools for products and product pair
Risk management administration
Managing user accounts and settings
Overseeing user verification (KYC)
Overseeing user deposits and withdrawals

Administrative API

The platform includes an Administrative API available to all operations, which can be used to embed Zoompass system controls into operator’s existing administrative suite.

Features include:

Listing users and user information
Set/Get user info
Wallet functions (Get Wallet Balances, Get Public Addresses, Get Accounts, Get Address by Account)
Set/Modify Verification Levels and Limits
Process Withdrawal and Deposit Tickets
Retrieve Market Data and Trade/Order Information
Bulk Cancel Orders

Automated Market Making

Platform customers have access to the Zoompass Remarketer, an automated market making application that can increase depth and breadth of the operator’s order book by populating it with quotes from external venues, subject to regulatory constraints dependent on traded products and jurisdiction.

Remarketer features include:

Sources liquidity from the deepest digital asset order books
Cross-FX conversion
Parameter-rich risk management for range of market conditions
Capable of sourcing multiple pairs and multiple levels
Full auditing and reporting suites

Front End Templates

A portfolio of UI templates – including those for Retail, Intermediate, and Trading interfaces – is available to all platform customers. Operators may customize or implement templates directly. New interfaces may be adapted from existing templates, or written wholesale based on system APIs.

All UI templates feature:

Flexible widget modules for rapid site deployment

  • Order Book
  • Buy/Sell
  • Deposit/Withdraw
  • Trade History
  • Open Orders
  • Charts
  • KYC/Verification
  • User Profile
  • 2FA
  • Sign up/Login

Suite of landing pages, including

  • Homepage
  • FAQ/About Us
  • Fee Schedule
  • Trader/User Interface
  • API Connections
Multi-language support

Features Release Cycles

The Zoompass Platform is regularly updated with ongoing improvements to security, performance, end-user features, and operator tools.

Updates include:

Security patches
  • Linux and Windows security and system updates
  • Cycled improvements to system integrity
Coin client updates / integrations
  • For DLT-based assets
Feature upgrades
  • New payment gateways
  • Expanded API and administrative functionality
Order types
  • Added order logic
  • Added TIF and other attributes