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Vertically Integrated Solutions

PaaS Digital Wallet Platforms

Our feature-rich Digital Wallet Platform allows clients to deploy configurable digital wallets with specific use-cases for their target customer base. The domestic platform can be connected to our global payment infrastructure for access to a wide range of complementary financial services. Integration of the digital payment platform to an expanding crypto ecosystem further enhances the user experience. On top of this tiered infrastructure, the Hybrid Value Exchange Platform provides secure and compliant digital value exchange modules designed to serve the needs of users.

Settlement Banking

Zoompass is well placed to participate in the rapidly expanding Blockchain application use cases in post-trade environments and settlement. Our banking relationships in different jurisdictions also allow Zoompass to offer our clients to deploy a wide range of regulatory-compliant use cases. With the integration to other Banking and Non-Banking networks, Zoompass provides its client with an expanding multijurisdictional payment infrastructure.

Wallet Services

Zoompass digital wallet platform enables specific use cases for customers in addition to basic kyc deposit and withdrawal of funds with transaction limits, frequency and other requirements are configured and administered as defined in our compliance program. Our exchange platform together with our wallet platform offers a portfolio of complementary services – both domestic and cross border.

KYC/AML Compliance

The integrity and credibility of Zoompass depends on establishing trust with regulatory authorities. users, investors, and strategic partners. The first part of Zoompass robust compliance framework involves embedding compliance safeguards in our BaaS applications. integrating kyc and other regulatory requirements. Zoompass’s automated compliance engine and integration with third-party AML-KYC service providers offers us the ability to easily customize compliance metrics, controls, and procedures. Zoompass deploys fintech applications designed to ensure compliance with applicable nation-specific anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism rules

Integration With Payment Services

With our strong closed business partnerships with leading financial institutions, payment processors and program managers, we can provide holistic end to end blockchain solutions which can be used to translate crypto assets into the fiat transactions in different currencies.
  • Provide ability to do utility transactions using crypto enabled cards

  • Ability to establish commercial business model using both fiat and crypto
  • Develop new wallet with specific requirements including selective geography and demographics
  • Specific use case and proof of concept development
  • Provide integration with multi-currency wallets