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10 February, 2022

Zoompass Achieves Critical Milestone Payment

10 February, 2022

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2021 / Zoompass Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:ZPAS) (‘Zoompass’ or ‘Company’) is pleased to announce that it has received in Q2, a milestone payment of $200,000 USD of a committed upfront fee of $350,000 USD from Rockwood Digital Assets. The milestone payment is for customization and implementation protocols needed to launch the InfyDX Cryptocurrency exchange. The next milestone payment is anticipated within the next 30 days.

Zoompass is providing integration with settlement banking along with ongoing investor onboarding and offboarding services. These services include developing a global distribution infrastructure utilizing the Company’s global KYC and AML partners.

‘We are providing Rockwood Digital Assets (RDA) with robust, blockchain technology to secure and market digital assets in a fully integrated global solution. This supports RDA’s mission of marketing turnkey investment and trading solutions to its customers. We are going to leverage this success and focus on rapid deployment and expansion of our technology.’ says Manny Bettencourt, CEO – Zoompass Holdings Inc.

About Zoompass: Zoompass is a global fintech innovator focused on developing and deploying blockchain and digital payment solutions, including asset tokenization and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Company continues to aggressively build-out its global infrastructure to support the onboarding and offboarding of customers to its digital payment and blockchain solutions. The Company’s goal is to provide a one-stop, all-inclusive offering of services that will allow organizations to better serve its clients and become more competitive through the application of cutting-edge blockchain and digital solutions.

About Rockwood Digital Assets: Rockwood Digital Assets is a technology solutions and services company with a focus on providing B2C, B2B platforms and services utilizing blockchain technology that delivers digital assets.

Manny Bettencourt
Tim Harrington